There are 6 tools used to enhance results from the ATG system:

  1. Sled

Personal: Zero Program (mimics sled effects) or Torque M1 Sled $849 (KOTG5 code)

Pro: Torque M4 Sled $1599 (KOTG5)

Strap: ATG Sled Strap (20% off for ATG Members = $59.50)

2. Slant:

Personal: ATG Buddies (20% off for ATG members = $49.50)

Pro: Slantboardguy Custom Boards $169.95

3. Back Extension: Valor $300 (and innovative home version coming soon!)

4. Tibs

Strap: Mr1nf1n1ty $39.99 (KOT10)

Dual: Tib Bar Pro (built in the USA) $129 (ATG10)

Single-Leg Bar: The IsoTib (ATGXHGG)

5. Nordics

Personal: NordStick $40

Pro: (innovative one on the way!)

6. Hip-Flexors

Personal: MonkeyFoot $79.95 (KOTGTEN)

Pro: (attached to cable) Mr1nf1n1ty $34.50 (KOT10)

I hope this helps!

Yours in Solutions,