by Keegan Smith aka @theatgmentor — with commentary and video examples for each principle from your boy KOTGuy…

1. Build From The Ground Up.

Ankles to knees, knees to hips, hips to shoulders… building in this order makes the most bulletproof body according to gravity, yet no previous system has ever actually programmed its volume accordingly. How do you find out your true athleticism and bulletproofing potential if you build out of balance from your natural design? The more we build from the top down, the more pain and injuries we accumulate and the more gravity-bound we become. …

This article breaks down into 2 categories:

  1. WHERE you have your muscle mass.
  2. How MUCH muscle mass you have.

Chapter 1: WHERE

Michael Jordan’s body type worked well for him in basketball, yet in other sports and positions, such a lean frame would not be ideal. Below are some raw looks at Michael Jordan’s body composition BEFORE he began lifting weights. What is interesting is that the highest jumps of his life took place prior to weight training. So if you’re hoping to get more elastic like MJ but doing traditional weight training, you’re likely to be out of luck…

This formula can be done in addition to any of my Zero, Dense or Standards Programs.

My whole career is built on the realization that you can DO something about your pain, and that by finding your weak link… YOU CAN WIND UP EVEN MORE POWERFUL THAN BEFORE YOU GOT THE PAIN IN THE FIRST PLACE!

I had given up on dunking when I decided I would devote my entire life — win or fail — to figuring out how to bulletproof my knees so I could play basketball without pain.

Fast forward a few years…

Knees didn’t hurt, and…

When I began my knees over toes experiments, I was afraid to train when anyone else was near me in the gym, because my knees made such loud noises…

After 10 straight years of knee pain and 3 surgical alterations, a LOT of damage had been done prior to my knees over toes journey.

Yet here I stand, with world-class knees. And they are WAY less noisy than they once were. But no, even my knees are not completely noiseless… YET!

In writing this article, I watched a lot of my recent videos and CRANKED the volume up to see…

My Top 10 (each is link to how-to, just click!)

  1. Reverse Slantboard Step-Up
  2. Tibialis Raise
  3. KOT Calf Raise
  4. VMO Squat
  5. Nordic
  6. Straight-Leg Calf Raise
  7. Slantboard Jefferson Curl
  8. Hip-Flexors

9 and 10. Full-Stretch Push-Up and Pull-Up

Bonus: The Lazy Man’s Stretch Routine

Sample Schedule:

Monday, 3 Circuits of: Reverse Slantboard Step-Up x 20 per side, KOT Calf Raise x 20, Tibialis Raise x 20

Tuesday, 3 Circuits of: Slantboard Jefferson Curl x 20, Hip-Flexors x 10 per side (Seated) or 20 per side (MonkeyFoot), Full-Stretch Push-Up x 20, Full-Stretch Pull-Up x 10

Thursday, 3 Circuits of: Reverse Slantboard Step-Up x 20…

It’s no coincidence that the greatest jumping longevity case ever, George Hackenshmidt, was ALSO a knees over toes pioneer! George trained knees over toes and FULL bend — which are proven to PREVENT knee degradation when done properly and not worked through pain — and he was jumping TILL HIS DEATH AT AGE 89!

Now let’s look at a routine to safely apply George’s genius:

For Non-Specific-Sport Athletes:

3 sets of 20 KOT Jumps (shown in the video below) with full recovery between sets, done either:

  • After Friday’s direct Knee Ability exercises, or
  • On the Weekend after a warm-up of…

[Editor’s Note: video at end of article!]

Let’s just look at the results:

Rest, in general, is a necessary part of how the human body adapts. But the advice of “don’t do such and such for 6 weeks” is actually a death wish for the area of your body. Yes, you may experience relief from simply not doing something, but NOT USING your knees, for example, results in further weakening of the muscles, tendons, and ligaments, making you more likely to experience a full tear and surgery when you return to activity.

In life, the solution is rarely ALL or…



  • Nothing Necessary!
  • (For the optional Upper Body Zero on Tuesdays/Thursdays: Rings and Band are all it takes!)


The Simple Anti-Sitting Routine:

  1. 10 ATG Split Squats per side
  2. 20 Band Pullaparts

The Super Anti-Sitting Routine:

  1. 10 ATG Split Squats per side
  2. 20 Band Pullaparts
  3. 20 Slant Calf Raises
  4. 10 Slant Jefferson Curls
  5. 20 Neck Extensions

All of the above can EASILY be done right at your workspace.


Either of those routines can be done any time, any day you are excessively sitting, HOWEVER…

The ATG Split Squat is already trained in all ATG Programs, and the Band Pullapart is actually a convenient form of the Powell Raise, which is 1 of your…

If you want to be coached, simply request to have the Jump Coaching Beta-Test added in the app! []

I have set up your weekly jump session for Sundays. This way, you can actually do it at any point earlier in the week and still look ahead and send in your form videos for Sunday’s session! You’ll be sending in 4 specific videos:

Right-Left Plant from front angle.
Left-Right Plant from front angle.
Right-Left Plant from side angle.
Left-Right Plant from side angle.

Each jump has 11 points of perfect form, and we will be breaking down your jumps in…


I’ve received over 1500 knee success stories from my route which follows evidential clues to create less knee PAIN and more knee ABILITY.

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