How do you know EXACTLY when to return to sport after knee injury?

How do you get back in shape after knee injury while improving your knees at the SAME TIME?

What is the bridge between Knee Ability and ACTION?

Welcome to the Knee Ability Prep.

The Knee Ability Zero Program is designed to create improvement in the tissues in and around your knee so that demands on your knee become easier to handle. The Advanced Zero Program then provides an exact route to world-class levels of knee bulletproofing, freedom, and athleticism for your age.

But what is the bridge…

[For those who don’t give a hoot about why and just want to see the EXACT list of what I eat, scroll to the bottom.]

I don’t try to solve problems that aren’t there.

Diet is one of those problems that just isn’t fixing itself, so I’m going to do my part to help.

The Survival Diet is the result of two types of conversations I’ve had over the last 10 years:

  1. Real conversations with roughly 200–300 people who reached out to me because they were STRUGGLING with diet.
  2. In-depth diet conversations with people who have spent more time than…

Chronic knee pain set in for me at age 12 and boy, do I wish at any point over the next decade that Google had told me about the power of BACKWARD.

The simple but precise technology of backward has worked better for me and thousands of others than ice, painkillers, surgeries, and any treatment or supplement.

I have two exact protocols:

  1. Walk backward for 10 minutes 3 times per week. Make sure your area has safe footing. Older people may want to use an area with a railing or wall for balance.

For those older folks, backward walking alone…

My little man is almost a year old!

The best Dadvice I have so far is to get a good walking carrier. This gives Mommy a break, which in turn balances things out and makes her happier — which makes YOU happier. :)

Once your baby is old enough to sit facing outward (they have to be inward for a while), I think it’s so much better for them to see people face to face and be engaged.

Onyx has never been in a stroller — not once! I have nothing against them and it wasn’t an intentional decision, but…

Monday: Loaded Legs

Tuesday: Bodyweight Hips & Upper

Thursday: Bodyweight Legs

Friday: Loaded Hips & Upper

On Mondays I start from my ankles and then gradually work my way up: shins, then knees and then thighs.

On Tuesdays I pick back up by training my hips in 4 directions, then I gradually work my way up through my spine and shoulders.

Wednesdays and weekends are off, which ensures recovery. Half my sessions are with weights and half are with my bodyweight.

Now let’s examine how I came to the conclusion of literally training my body in order from the ground…

[Click here for video demo.]

Step 5 of my program saved my knees as much as any ingredient… and inadvertently got my lower back out of pain too!

Theory: The human body was designed to work well.

Reality: Lower back pain is an epidemic.

Question: How did we get there?

Answer: For one thing, SITTING IN A CHAIR 12 HOURS A DAY, resulting in shortened hip-flexors:

Fact: Sitting is natural, but not in a chair and not for 12 hours a day:

[Click here for video demo.]

I used to think knee pain had mythical qualities. Now I understand it’s all tissue:

Muscle is tissue.

Tendon is tissue.

Ligament is tissue.

Cartilage is tissue.

Ever been told you had a problem with any of the above?

If you’ve had knee pain, your tissues simply couldn’t handle a demand upon them.

It could have been too much force. Or it could have been too often. But one way or the other, it was too much.

Once the goals of Knee Ability Zero are complete (or to troubleshoot Step 4), a new exercise is…

[Click here for accompanying 2-minute video.]

When your knee goes over your toes, more load is placed upon your Soleus muscle.

The Soleus is your lower, deeper calf muscle. It has the strongest pull of any muscle in the human body — pound-for-pound — and it’s the muscle most directly related to prevent Achilles injuries!

“Jumper’s Knee” is an injury to the patellar tendon, which connects your shinbone to your kneecap. I had severe struggles with it from age 12 to 20…

[Click here for a 10-minute video breakdown of this article!]

Google says there are 4 things we can do about it:

  1. Take drugs to reduce inflammation. This may not be ideal since these drugs can damage your cartilage, which is the cushioning inside your knee. One of my high school basketball coaches got me hooked on these drugs. I eventually had a severe meniscus tear. The meniscus is made up of cartilage! …

Knee Pain Series 5: 6 Levels to Increase Protection

[Click here to see video demos]

What if you could wave a magic wand and “level-up” your knees?

You can’t.

But you can create levels out of knee training, and thus put in work and directly improve.

Over time, this appears like waving a magic wand!

Let’s take Step 1 of my Knee Ability system and break down all its levels…

Knee Ability Zero: This program requires zero weights or equipment. The idea is to rebuild control of your body from the ankles to knees to hips.

[If you haven’t ever…


I’ve received over 2000 knee success stories from my step by step route of knee ABILITY:

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