ATG Podcast: Pain-Free Ability

2 min readApr 8


This is my first time hosting an interview-style podcast.

You can click here for Spotify.

And here for the YouTube version with visuals.

I’ll continue writing weekly articles, but because we put in a lot of work behind the scenes to make this a legit podcast for you, I wanted to let you know about it today.

Here’s our setup inside ATG HQ! This is what you see when you step inside the door:

From left: Derek Williams, Fernando Lopez, me, and Kadour Ziani

We got real wood tables made in Kansas, along with professional recording gear.

Special thanks to Forrest, my childhood best friend who got me into basketball when I was 4 years old. Forrest did the first video of me 5 years ago when I became the “Kneesovertoesguy.” We’ve been working together ever since. Forrest orchestrated this podcast setup, with help from our close friend Drew, who does the extensive ATG editing — from app videos to YouTube videos.

In our area of Florida, Drew is known as “Uncle Drew” for his highlight film business, which has helped countless local athletes earn college scholarships! Drew has also been dedicated to mastering the ATG system for the past 3 years.

The 3 of us work together on all the pictures and videos you see for ATG.

Welcome to the Pain-Free Ability Podcast. We hope you enjoy it!