ATG Weekly Newsletter July 17, 2022

This week I did a 15-minute recording to break down how I’ve been training for the past 11 weeks. My training is at its most efficient level ever, inspired by a genius named Bob Gajda. Bob passed away this year at age 81, but his contributions live on!

Click here to listen on Spotify. It’s on all other major podcast platforms, too.

Per your most requested topic last week, this week’s long-form YouTube breakdown is “IT Band: 4 Methods For Bulletproofing.”

And I continued the “Explained Simply” series with ROKP Explained Simply and QL Explained Simply.

This week’s newsletter is just a quick update. Bigger news starts dropping next week! Years of hard work behind the scenes is finally coming to fruition.

Yours in Solutions,


PS. Alissa is due in 7 days, so if next week’s newsletter winds up late, that’d be why!




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