CSU Fitness Regimen #1

4 min readApr 29, 2024


[Common Sense University is the humorous but real name of the school system I’m creating for my kids. Everything I do for kids is being kept up to date, organized and ALWAYS FREE at CommonSenseU.org]

CSU Fitness Regimen #1

These are 10 basics I will NOT be forcing on my kids, but rather: setting an example myself while gradually teaching them as part of their school system.

1/10. Wall Calf Raise: 20 reps — two legs makes it easier

Rather than starting with push ups and pull ups, we’re going to learn to strengthen from the ground up.

2/10. Wall Tib Raise: 20 reps — closer makes it easier

We’re going to learn to strengthen both sides of the body — no weak links.

3/10. Slant Squat: 50 reps, but take your time and take breaks as needed

We’re going to learn to strengthen through a full range of motion, which — contrary to common concern — helps protect and preserve your joints.

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4/10. Nordic: 10 reps, working toward the ability to control your body the whole way down

We’re going to learn to create extra knee protection since teen and younger surgeries have quadrupled since 2000.

5/10. Elephant Walk: 20 reps per side — higher hands makes it easier

We’re going to learn how to be strong AND flexible.

6/10. L-Sit: 20 seconds — bending the knees makes it easier

We’re going to learn how to strengthen not just the 6-pack, but also the hip flexors.

7/10. ATG Split Squat: 12 reps per side — elevating the front foot makes it easier

We’re going to learn how to balance out excess sitting by having strong and flexible hip flexors. We’re going to learn how to control our mobility before we have problems. And we’re going to learn how to help our older family members with their mobility, too.

8/10. Pull-up: 10 reps, but using your legs to push up and then controlling the way down is a great start — even hanging alone is great!

We’re going to learn the value of mastering our own bodyweight, and the value of scaling bodyweight abilities to anyone in our family.

9/10. Full Push-up: 20 reps — on your knees makes it easier

We’re going to learn how to keep that amazing natural posture opened up.

And 10/10. Band Pull-apart: 20 reps — controlling back each rep.

We’re going to learn to strengthen between our shoulders and not let the modern tech posture take effect.

With companies making billions addicting us to excess calories while other companies make billions addicting us to less movement, and a third set of companies makes billions addicting us to drugs because of those first two problems…

I believe in:

1. A set of physical fitness standards worked on at least once a week, with the educators able personally to demonstrate them

2. A variety of fun physical games DAILY

3. A minimum 1:1 ratio of time OUTSIDE the classroom vs inside

And 4. The lunch period being a lunch class where the kids learn about nutrition and HELP make the food each day

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