The ATG Equipment List

Thanks to your support of, I now have my own line of American-made equipment. Since you made this possible, members always have a 20% discount on everything at

American-Made Slantboard: $80 for members, $100 regular

Dip/Chin Belt: $48 for members, $60 regular

StrongNeck: $24 for members, $30 regular

Reverse Squat Straps: $28 for members, $35 regular

Tib Bar: $80 for members, $100 regular (the only other American-made metal Tib Bar is $145!)

ATG Buddies (pair of two): $48 for members, $60 regular

NordStick: $48 for members, $60 regular

Sled Belt: $60 for members, $75 regular

Barbell: $240 for members, $300 regular (this type of barbell usually costs $350!)

…and lots more on the way!

What started as an unusual program getting uncommon results in my gym in Florida, then expanded to people around the world doing the same program online, with former members turning into my staff, including tech team who has successfully created our own app. This group never stops working to improve our service for you, and there are no words to express my thanks to my staff, and to you.

Yours in Solutions,




Equipment & Programs at

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