How to Make an ATG Gym, With Links

1. If you’re starting from home, the Torque Tank M1 Sled does work! I did this live review showing both my mom and I using it for the ATG Essentials Program.

If you’re starting a real gym, whatever the size, divide half for sled turf and half for everything else. Companies like Rogue make great sleds. Their Dog Sled has a wraparound rail attachment so when you do backward, you don’t have to turn the sled around.

Spud Inc. makes great sled attachments and sled belts which work for both the Tank and the Dog Sled.

The #1 purpose of the Zero Program was to bypass the need for a sled. This can be crucial to getting STARTED, and it’s great to know Zero’s tools for life, but I also have a mission to make correct-form sled training common knowledge. This video quickly shows the three ways I use it.

You would also need weight plates for the sleds. I suggest bumper plates so you also have steps for Reverse Step Ups!

2. Slantboards. This tool alone allows you to quickly transform strength and mobility from the ground up. Mr1nf1n1ty makes portable ones. Slantboardguy makes custom ones with dope logos for your gym. A fleet of sleds and slantboards already makes your gym gold for transforming longevity!

3. Back Extensions. Valor Fitness makes the most bang for your buck piece. A fleet of comfortable Back Extensions allows you to get people out of back pain and build a better future without having to take painkillers just to get through the day. And if we rewind, both the sled and slantboard are GOLD for your lower back. The controlled forward sled allows you to strengthen your posterior WITHOUT load on your spine, and the slantboard unlocks tight calves and tight hamstrings.

With these 3 tools alone it’s unbelievable how much you can change lives!

4. THICK padding then helps in our flexibility sessions. I like having both small ones and big ones handy, and if you click here you can see an example of a flexibility session using padding, as well as the slantboard from Step 2.

5. At this point I would put in dumbbells, bars, racks, benches and cables. These all allow free weight training. Craiglist’s used gym equipment is the the best source I’ve used here, and Flybird makes a bench on Amazon that’s adjustable, cheap, and arrives pre-assembled! That’s about the only good advice I have for this stage.

(There is also a MonkeyFoot device which allows measurable load for the hip-flexor function of the Low-Cable Pull-in. It’s like free weights… for your feet! It’s super cheap and fits most dumbbells. Game changer for people who train at home! This video shows you a variety of options for the Hip-Flexors step in my program, including both the MonkeyFoot and the Low-Cable Pull-in.)

6. Now I would put in one of the key finishing touches for an ATG Gym: Nordics! Rogue makes one. Sorinex makes one which is cheaper but I haven’t personally tried. Considering it’s possible the most important exercise to prevent knee ligament tears, and costs WAY LESS than modern machines, I think it’s damn important these get into every single gym in the world. We CAN change painkiller and surgery stats, save people billions of dollars, and prevent untold heartache and depression… just by taking logical steps to make gyms more suited to human bulletproofing.

7. And the finishing touches… Seated Calf and Tibialis!

The Zero Tibialis version alone can yield so much progress that you can get off to a great start. This shows it.

But loading has further benefits AND regresses to the more fragile population that can’t easily get enough reps in the Zero version.

The best machine I’ve used is the Watson Tibialis Trainer. You can see it in action in this video, which takes you live into ATG Essentials Session 7 of 12.

Then Thehomegymguys asked me last year, “What equipment needs to exist that doesn’t?” I told them loaded a free weight tibialis training device, and they revived the concept which was originally conceived of by Bob Gajda many decades ago. They have both double-leg and single-leg options! Their single-leg version is an invention that has never existed before.

You can see both their Tib Bar and IsoTib in this video on ankle bulletproofing.

Thetibbarguy also makes one for those on a budget, using strong PVC rather than metal.

Meanwhile, we found that the Mr1nf1n1ty Nordic Strap makes a super easy Tibialis loading system. Here’s a video that shows just how easy it is. (The Nordic Strap also allows you to work Nordics on the way down.)

And seated calf machines allow us to rebalance our lower legs and ankles to the rest of our body, but what’s awesome is that it REGRESSES to an even easier starting exercise on the slantboard! Here’s how I do both. The seated calf machine is another one I’ve had best results with on Craigslist, finding something used but still in good working condition.


You now have the ATG gym the world needs more of to correct our man-made deficiencies! In fact, the ATG Essentials Program which I am doing now for 24 weeks is ONLY sled + 2 exercises to correct modern human deficiencies. There are 12 sessions, with Weeks A & B being completely different:

Monday/Thursdsay Lower Body

Tuesday/Friday Upper Body

Wednesday/Saturday Flexibility

You can change lives every day with Zero, with this gym, and with the ATG Essentials Program and it all actually costs WAY LESS than modern gyms and fitness systems.

ATG Coaches are already designing such gyms around the world (see below). So don’t give up on effective training for longevity. Together, we can change the world for the better.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out at!

Yours in Solutions,


And to see ATG Gyms popping up, I’ll start listing them here alphabetically with some photos of each!

ATG Macedonia

@atg_macedonia by @coach_dikov 🔥 (you can DM him on Instagram)

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