How I’m Going to Educate My Children

One of the greatest dilemmas that my wife and I — and millions of others like us — are facing is the education of our children.

Ten years ago I was facing a bleak and uncertain future. An unorthodox approach got me results, and I’ve been dreaming and succeeding ever since. But I got lucky. I don’t want my son to be 20 years old and already feeling like a failure in life, like I did.

My goal with the 12 points below is for Onyx to graduate with the ability to study, understand, and apply any skill he chooses. I believe this is the way to develop his confidence and self-esteem so that he’s not prone to be swayed onto paths that aren’t true to his goals.

If you’re a parent who faces this same dilemma, please look over the following 12 points and feel free to send me your feedback directly in the comments section on this page. I will personally read and answer your constructive ideas.

  1. 10 Levels: Onyx will do 10 levels of education, one level per year. This compares to 12–16 years of education elsewhere. I believe 10 years is plenty of time to build a foundation for success.

I’ve long joked that I graduated from Common Sense University…

Well, these 12 points are how I’m going to educate Onyx with common sense.

I want to solve this problem not only for Onyx but for other like-minded parents.

Onyx is only 1, but I’m starting the work now so that my system will be accredited by the time he’s ready to go.

The curriculum will begin forming this summer on a public website so you can follow every step of the way.

And for the social aspect, I do think I’ll wind up building a real school around him as he grows older. Hopefully some of my friends want their kids to join Onyx!

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