How to Get Your First Dunk

First I will give you the protocol. Then if you want to know the WHY, watch the 11 minute 11 second video, and/or read this full article from my heart to yours. This data can and will save kids from unnecessary knee surgeries, so yes: it means a lot to me.

Perform the following two Dunk Sessions once per week each MAX. They also work well alternated: Week 1 perform Session 1, Week 2 perform Session 2, Week 3 perform Session 1, etc.

Always perform your Dunk Session at a time when your adrenaline is pumping from some pick-up basketball or king-of-the-hill one-on-one battle with 3–5 players so you don’t get too tired, nor too cold. High-school level players should play to 30 by 2s and 3s with a 5-second shot clock from time of receiving the ball. College-level to 40. Pro-level to 50. (Each of these will result — on average — in a 20–25 minute game, which is ideal.)

Dunk Session 1: cycle through 5 rounds of the following 4 jumps, with full recoveries between each jump (suggested: 45 seconds):

Jump 1. Right-Left Plant, Right Hand Reach

Jump 2. Left-Right Plant, Right Hand Reach

Jump 3. Right-Left Plant, Left Hand Reach

Jump 4. Left-Right Plant, Left Hand Reach

(If you are left-handed, perform in reverse.)

Practice according to 3 levels:

Level 3. If you cannot dunk with a self lob or partner lob…

Level 2. Use a dodgeball. If you cannot dunk with a dodgeball…

Level 1. Touch the rim. If you cannot touch the rim, find a lower rim.

Click here to watch the 11 minute 11 second video SHOWING these details.

Continue below for my article…

First let’s establish that a 10-foot rim is the goal, BUT THERE IS NO PRESSURE ON HOW HIGH OF A RIM YOU START WITH…

Consider that the athletes dunking the most in games have spent the most TIME working on dunking as a… SKILL.

99% of struggling basketball players I’ve talked to think they are “skilled” if they can shoot, dribble, etc., and are NOT TAKING RESPONSIBILITY for the fact that dunking is a SKILL which — on average — the highest-paid players and the ones getting the most scholarships have spent the most time and reps on!

What’s ridiculously backwards is that we see the following math equation:

The worse an athlete is at dunking = The LESS the athlete practices dunking.

So if you can’t dunk or you can barely dunk in games, the simple odds are that your basketball dreams will not come true.


Scholarships and pro contracts have a high relation to your ability to dunk in games. You work on your shot. You don’t work on your dunking. Don’t fool yourself that you’re skilled. You’re just not as good as you could be.

And even if you can dunk, how many plants are you dunking off?

Michael Jordan wasn’t a one-foot “OR” two-foot jumper.


Each phrase factually means you LACK skill and ability.

And even within one-foot and two-foot jumping, did you know that Kobe Bryant has the most career in-game dunks off ALL FOUR plants, meaning left leg AND right leg off one foot, and left-right AND right-left off two feet?

So if you’re a left leg “OR” right leg jumper, or a left-right “OR” right-left jumper, you actually lack ability and…


An abundance of data exists showing that having a weaker plant leads to an increase of both chronic knee pain and knee ligament tear. But we don’t need studies. This is common sense. This is how anatomy works. You have muscles, tendons, and ligaments, and…

The weaker a muscle is near a tendon, relative to the force you put into it = the greater chance you have of tendonitis, which leads to…

The weaker a tendon is near a ligament, relative to the force you put into it = the greater chance you have of a tearing something, which leads to surgery.

But here’s an exciting byproduct:

It has ALSO been found that when you get your weak leg STRONGER from JUMPING off of it… YOUR MAX JUMP INCREASES more than those not working the weak leg!

I reached my 20s having never grabbed the rim. Now I’m turning 30 this month dunking off all 4 plants.

I had knee surgeries and chronic knee pain for 10 years.

Now I’ve competed and jumped on 1000 occasions WITHOUT KNEE PAIN.

I’ve made the greatest documented knee and jump change of someone AFTER college.

I did not rely on studies for any of my decisions.

From Michael Jordan I realized I should be able to dunk off one foot AND two feet.

From Kobe Bryant I realized I should be able to dunk off all 4 plants.

It took me YEARS to slowly take off my shades and face up to the truth that I JUST WASN’T AS SKILLED AS I THOUGHT I WAS.

It is very hard when we convince ourselves of something to admit we were wrong.

It took me many years to gradually admit I was wrong.

Now I’m so balanced and bulletproof I know I’ll be jumping even higher when I’m 40 than I am now.

Don’t wait for “science” to catch up with the truth.

Yours in Truth,


I do not sell any basketball services. Basketball is my hobby. I will continue to drop a once-a-week, step-by-step basketball breakdown at the YouTube channel linked above.

Throughout my journey I religiously did 3 unique leg strength sessions every single week. To learn and be coached through them (with optional upper body and mobility on the days between), check out and feel free to send me a message through the chat feature there if you have any questions before starting. I have helped people to over 2000 knee success stories, and I have a FRESHSTART2021 code making it $24.75 for your first full month, with no long-term contract and no data held back from you from Day 1.

I’ve received over 1500 knee success stories from my route which follows evidential clues to create less knee PAIN and more knee ABILITY.

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