How to Improve Chronic Knee Pain

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Regression, noun: “a return to a former or less developed state.”

BOOM! Chronic knee pain solved.


Well, humor me and step into my head on the subject of chronic pain. Here’s what I know after helping others to 2,221 knee success stories…

For any part of your body, chronic pain is mostly a manifestation of where you lack… ability.

Now imagine that you could improve any ability of your body.

Through uncommon methods and tools, that’s exactly what I have found without exception.

Let’s walk through one of these exact tools.

Here is a picture of ideal form in Step 5 of the Knee Ability Zero program. Thousands of people who believed their knees would cause them suffering the rest of their lives (I was one of them), and who could not achieve this position without pain, can now do it without pain and as a result: the demands of life, sport, etc., are no longer debilitating. “Miracle” has been said hundreds of times. “I spent tens of thousands… and now THIS fixed it” has been said hundreds of times.

But earlier, I and many others could not achieve this position without pain. So how did we get here?

Well, the elements of this motion which cause pain are:

  1. Strength
  2. Range

I had to learn to regress BOTH:

This immediately brings us to the most common mistake, even in people who think they understand regression:

Train at a level which is truly ENJOYABLE. This sounds simple, and is, but is a HUGE shift for me and most others who have spent years — if not decades — and tens of thousands of dollars trying to fix chronic pain. Let’s look at why…

Sure, I could have pushed through a little pain with less range but without assistance…

…or with full range but with assistance…

…but in pushing through some pain at one level, and then trying to progress to the next, I would likely then be in pain at the next level, never giving my body a real shot at healing.

By finding the level before pain or discomfort, and then putting in the reps at that level, you can gradually progress to the next level without pain, and then the next level without pain, and so on, until you’re eventually doing something that originally seemed too difficult… only now it’s easy and pain-free for you!

I was giving stimulus to my abilities, while allowing my knees a chance to heal.

Now look, it’s a human body. There is no absolute of no pain. If you drop a human body from enough height, it breaks down.

In the relative scheme of things, a human body is a fragile thing. Avoiding its abilities only makes it more fragile and allows not only your muscles but your tendons and ligaments to weaken and lessen in size and strength.

Avoiding altogether = guaranteed longevity reduction.

SMASHING into it = chance of gain but also high chance of longevity reduction.

Properly applying regression = GUARANTEE of some degree of improvement compared to the previous state.

“Some degree of improvement” — no matter how little — can add up to greater and greater abilities.

May your life be a little less fragile today… and a lot less fragile the rest of your life, compared to what it would be without this data.

Yours in Bulletproofing,


PS. Not only is each step of Knee Ability Zero, in itself, a roadmap of regression: the flow of the 8 main steps is a roadmap of regression in sequence, too. Step 1 leads to better results with Step 2, which leads to better results with Step 3, and so on. It’s not complicated. It’s not expensive. It IS an exact science. Check out for obsessive customer service for your buck. The mission is to empower people with these tools, with perfect form and understanding, so each person trained can then help themselves and others to less fragility and greater longevity.

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