How to Run an ATG Group Class

5 min readSep 4, 2022


The power to help people is an amazing feeling, and this group class flow is one of the most helpful things in my arsenal.

Having my own gym for 8 years gave me the freedom to think for myself while I worked to obtain bulletproofing results above the norm for myself and others.

Here’s the unusual class style that wound up being our winner for maximum in-person results…

  1. Sled to create low-impact circulation and FOOT strengthening, into…
  2. ANKLE, into…
  3. KNEE, into…
  4. HIP/SPINE, into…

3 rounds minimum. 4 rounds maximum.

This “ground up” flow has many possibilities.

Here’s a classic example:

  1. Backward Sled 100 meters

This is the gentlest foundation I’ve observed to reverse one’s way off painkillers for the knees. An unexpected side benefit is reversal of foot degradation. The nature of pushing through the toes is the opposite of pounding through the heels. We are literally reversing how fast the body will decay by using this method. It also creates exceptional circulation to then dive into…

[I believe my internal-resistance sled, which measures TIME and DISTANCE, will be key for group classes so your members know exactly what they did, and without having to take weights on and off sleds when members of different levels take turns. My prototype sled already exists but is in the next step, which is getting it made in America — and that’s actively happening! It’ll be the first-ever American-made internal-resistance sled.]

2. Tibialis Raise 20 reps

This is amazing for group classes because it can be done with just a wall and strengthens one of the most common weak links due to lack of training. This muscle wraps FROM the foot up the shin and below the knee, reducing the negative effects of life’s impacts while leading directly to…

3. ATG Split Squat 8 reps per side

This is perhaps the greatest “stretch-strengthen” exercise, flowing from your ankle mobility up to the most crucial muscle which stabilizes our knees — the VMO — while developing balanced strength between each side of the lower body and unlocking stiff hip-flexors in the process! Just about all modern humans have stiff hip-flexors. While I obsessed over the ATG Split Squat for its ability to rejuvenate my knees and boost my athleticism, I unexpectedly created a platform for a lower back that can function AS INTENDED. That’s why right now is a perfect time for…

4. Back Extension 10 reps

This simple device got my dad’s back out of the muck by putting his hands on the rails and GRADUALLY restoring range of motion and strength. Being weak and/or stiff is simply NOT an advantage for the human body. But neither is pushing yourself into painful positions. Meanwhile, I load this with a bar on my back to build lower back muscles above the norm. This is actually a common method among the LEAST injury-prone Olympic weightlifters in the world. It’s like doing curls but to protect your spine, and they scale to any level. The trick is to go SLOW because your back won’t know what you’re trying to achieve if you just swing up and down with momentum.

With these 4 steps alone, I’d already be a happy man the rest of my life because I’ve set up my body long-term for good posture and both athletic and protected joints and spine compared to the norm. But we can throw in one finishing touch before we start the circuit over…

[American-made, pre-assembled, foldable back extension for sale soon, convenient for home or private gyms, particularly if running classes because you can move it around so easily to suit your flow.]

5. External Rotations 8 reps

This is my foundational upper body exercise because the shoulders are the most injury-prone part of the upper body. Not surprisingly, they have the most range of motion of any joint in the body, and they handle so much of the upper body’s demands. Yet it’s not the pecs, the lats, the biceps, or the triceps that hold your shoulders together. It’s 4 smaller muscles that actually have the primary job of keeping your shoulders’ tendons (which hold muscles to bones) and ligaments (which hold bones to bones) from being strained against. Controlling 4 seconds down on each rep is a gamechanger, and if there’s one upper body exercise I’m stronger at than most men, it’s this one. This has been my secret weapon to help people like baseball players when they think their career is over due to shoulder problems.

You can see more of my favorites in “ATG Group Classes” in the app — but if all I had was this workout, I’d still be grateful because it would still make me more athletic and protected than the traditional training I did before it.

Those who master these unique forms are producing the same life-changing results in others that I do, because there’s nothing I’ve learned that you can’t too.

THANK YOU for your boldness to learn an unusual system.

THANK YOU for your support.

Yours in Solutions,


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