My Exact Diet + Lifestyle Update

[Spoiler Alert For Those Who Just Want to See My Exact Diet:

  1. Protein
  2. Fruit
  3. Veggies
  4. Spring Water
  5. Electrolytes
  6. Espresso or Cold Brew or Strong Coffee in low amounts]

My primary job is turning my knee and athleticism breakthroughs and coaching results with others into a simple membership. That way you can be anywhere in the world and see my exact schedule each week, and send in your questions and form videos. This is called ATG (Athletic Truth Group). More recently, I created ATG For Coaches because so many trainers liked the ATG system and wanted to be certified in it for their own clients. That’s a summary of what I do for a living.

But many people have requested to know more about my lifestyle and my exact diet. Those things aren’t my job so I’ve always kept you up to date via free articles. This is the next in that line…

I don’t have any diet knowledge which isn’t broadly known.

But I do have something unique: the ability to stick to clean eating without being stressed about it, and that is the bigger issue regarding diet.

Here’s what I’ve gathered now that I have successfully gone 479 straight days (I started Jan. 1, 2021) without a cheat meal:

EATING SEASONAL FRUIT AS MY DESSERT at night handled my cravings and has turned into a more enjoyable experience than eating man-made sugary foods once was.

I have a deeper appreciation for nature and how delicious natural foods can be.

I don’t feel like I am “missing out” by not eating pizza, ice cream or cake.

I have never been happier.

I have never been more creative.

I have never been as responsible in my life.

Oh, and fruit is CHEAP, just like junk food!

These 479 days have also served as an excellent drill for me to:

  1. Control my body rather than let it control me.
  2. Figure out what gives me a deeper sense of happiness than what any junk food could provide.

This “fruit for dessert” strategy has now been a breakthrough for hundreds of other people who, like me, struggled to eat as healthily as they’d like. Now they’re reaching out to me, sharing how much this approach has changed their body AND THEIR LIFE.

I can feel a total difference in my body’s immune system. During one of the most immune system-dependent times in human history, I haven’t even had a sniffle in 479 days.

I have the self-control to shut my phone off when it gets dark outside, so that I naturally fall asleep early and get amazing sleep quality. I used to struggle with switching off, even when I knew I should.

I am a much more present father because I realized how much of my happiness comes from the relationships in my life rather than from material things.

But we have to stop right now and give ourselves some CREDIT…


We live in a bizzaro world where we’re punching bags for profit, leaving us depressed while making the owners of large corporations even richer.

It’s sickening to walk by a TV and see how the junk foods known to make us more likely to suffer are thrown in our faces one after the next.

I’m also on day 479 away from any source of “shut-off-my-brain” entertainment. This changed my life probably even more than the diet! For me, this means I have not watched a single:

-TV show


-Netflix show

-sports game

Yet I’m at a whole new level of happiness and responsibility for my life and the lives of others that I couldn’t even imagine on January 1st, 2021.

I broke free from the bizarro world, and now the primary inputs into my brain are from sources that WANT ME TO SURVIVE BETTER.

Let me be clear that I am not saying what you should do.

YOU have the best advice for you.

I’m on day 479 because my life isn’t about my life. My life is about helping others get out of the muck. Getting my knees out of the muck made me happy. Life has been good since then. So I keep it simple and I try to help others get out of the muck. My goal is 1,000 days straight, but if my 1-year-old boy ever asks me to break my streak, I will. For now, he’s just a happy kid thanks to a superhero mother and me being a super active daddy. He doesn’t care that I don’t eat cake and he’s not missing out that I don’t play video games.

My successful strategy is learning and OBSERVING those who are getting the actual results in life that I want to achieve, then be my own boss in applying what I learned to myself. So that’s exactly what I would tell someone else to do — don’t just blindly copy me. Observe and power up your own control over your life.

Here’s a breakdown of what I’ve been eating lately, since people often want an example for comparison:

I used to skip breakfast other than a scoop of Strong Coffee, which is actually lower in caffeine but has 15 grams of protein, hence “strong.” That strategy works for me to get lean quick.

But now I’m seeking to naturally build more muscle while still being lean, so I have steak and eggs just about every morning. At first I didn’t want to, but now I’m getting used to it.

I’m a workaholic who will skip meals if given the choice, so making myself start with steak and eggs sets up the rest of my day for a greater chance of muscle growth.

Lunch is quality protein and salad is a good choice to keep things balanced.

Then for dinner a quality protein source and for dessert as much fruit as I desire.

I have fewer cravings than ever with this approach.

I also get real spring water that I enjoy. Since I don’t have any man-made junk drinks or even artificial diet drinks, I reward myself with whatever spring water I love most. I’ve been using the glass bottles of Mountain Valley Spring Water and I love it. I add some natural lemon-lime electrolytes for good measure, since it appears that if we had lived naturally our whole lives, our water and food would have had way more minerals and electrolytes.

I don’t shy away from my good ‘ol cortado breve, which is two shots of espresso with a little steamed heavy cream.

And if I really want to pep myself up, I have a small cold brew.

That’s everything I consume.

Yours in Solutions,


[Below: Onyx and I having our steak and eggs. Most children these days don’t eat much protein during childhood, primarily just processed, heavily-marketed kiddie food. One of my jobs as his daddy is making sure he eats real protein and fruit every day. He’s a good boy and he doesn’t resist at all. He actually seems to crave real protein and fruit even more than the junk foods, and his overall demeanor is way better compared to when he’s eating processed junk.]



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