New Class For CSU!

My biggest realization this week isn’t about ATG (Athletic Truth Group), but rather about my other passion, CSU: Common Sense University.

My son, Onyx, is 1 year old. When he’s about 5, I’m going to open a school. I learned through ATG that I can have one gym and coach one program to extraordinary results, then put that exact program online — keeping it up to date with exactly what I’m doing in the gym — and therefore make my program accessible outside my gym’s walls.

The knowledge that saved my knees was obscure prior to ATG and lacking that knowledge led me to depression. Since gaining that knowledge, I’ve been happy and grateful by comparison. And since gaining that happiness, I’ve been obsessed about making that knowledge accessible to others. Simple life.

But looking back, I also realize how much the school system contributed to my depression, and without an accessible learning plan kept up to date in real time, it doesn’t seem realistic to me that it will change.

“Sure it’s needed, but actually creating an alternative school system? You’re CRAZY for thinking you can pull that off!”

Yep, I was crazy for being Kneesovertoesguy, too.

You can click here for my opening article on CSU, which I wrote a few months ago. I was happy with that initial article, but this week I realized why I felt like something was still missing…

It dawned on me that the subject of property, real estate, etc., affects all of us — but I never learned it in school!

I wish I understood this subject much sooner, and there is nothing about it my younger brain couldn’t have handled. In fact, being able to think with square footage and rent price or ownership price without breaking out a calculator makes you a beast at real-world math.

And this leads to an overarching new class entry for CSU:


At a bare minimum, this should be a one-hour class once per week in all 10 levels of CSU.

In Level 1 perhaps Onyx just knows how to use his piggy bank.

But by Level 10 Onyx will know currency — including cryptocurrency — as well as stocks, property, etc., with actual investments to some degree in all the most common zones so that he has skin in the game and truly learns how investment works.

Per CSU policy, “Investments” will be kept up to date every single year in the online learning plan. That learning plan will go up on a free website this summer and I’ll keep the 10-year learning plan up to date for the rest of my life, just like I do with the ATG Program. CSU will remain free all the way up till I open the school, at which point I would have to consider the economics of providing feedback at a low price with no long-term contract, just like I do with ATG. That’s the sweet spot I’ve found where everyone wins: accessible to everyone yet supports flourishing CUSTOMER SERVICE, which I believe is a lost art and must be continually enhanced — not degraded.

In addition to accessibility, keeping the learning plan current is critical for preventing catastrophic errors due to not teaching up-to-date truth. I observed this first-hand with my knees. For example:

After using up-to-date PROVEN facts about knees over toes training to rebuild my knees to the point of getting a full-ride Division 1 basketball scholarship, the head strength coach at the D1 school wasn’t going to let me train knees over toes. As I dug further, I found out that he and the majority of college-educated strength coaches were sticking to data from an earlier study WHICH HAD SINCE BEEN PROVEN 100% FALSE. In a one paragraph explanation, that’s what happened that made me realize I had to be Kneesovertoesguy. I knew that my life would serve a worthwhile purpose if I dedicated it to educating on the truth about a grossly misunderstood subject.

Common sense has been squashed in today’s world to such an extent that it can be hard to acknowledge, let alone DO SOMETHING about it.

It took guts to be Kneesovertoesguy and it’ll take guts to make CSU. But ATG proved how many of YOU have guts. You’ve proven yourself to me, so I know you’ll guide me well as I keep forming CSU.


Yours in Solutions,


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