The Kneesovertoesguy Challenge is:

5 min readDec 29, 2021

[The following is an excerpt from my private chat with over 500 ATG coaches from around the world. Many of my members at have become so passionate about helping others with the ATG program that they want to be certified in the system themselves, and that led to the creation of by my own mentor, Keegan Smith. We run ATG For Coaches alongside each other, each taking different roles, but hands on 7 days a week. I regularly get on a roll in our private chat, and here’s what ensued tonight…]

1. No entertainment Monday through Friday.

2. No cheat meals Monday through Friday.

3. Sled every day Monday through Friday.

This makes it so you still have 104 days a year to do whatever the heck you want.

Also: You do NOT have to do the challenge.

I’m only popularizing this challenge because I see it change lives to remove food and entertainment as ADDICTIONS and put them back in YOUR control while giving you back advantageous hours for SUCCESS and what you really want in life.

I am finishing up 2021 with no cheat meals and no entertainment. I haven’t broken and I have no desire to break.

Thank you to all those who joined me this year.

I’m absolutely shocked at how far I’ve come in my career but my #1 common denominator has only been extra savageness in terms of how hard I’m willing to ask the universe for what I want WITHOUT relapse.

I also did a no entertainment year in 2018 when I came up with the name “Kneesovertoesguy” and officially took action to bust that myth. No entertainment has the potential to make you a creative machine, almost like your mind can step outside of society’s fog and see what’s wrong with it.

I believe you can unlock genius-level creativity even if you don’t “have it naturally” — just through investing mathematically more attention on creating and problem-solving than the others in your field are willing to. I think we all have it naturally. I think we unlearn how powerful we really are.

And I believe the reason I never relapsed is that my ultimate joy is helping others. If my happiness was only about me, I’m sure I wouldn’t have stayed so disciplined this whole year. Once you get what you want, why keep going?


See what I mean? So perhaps aligning yourself to the goal of helping others is another secret of never losing motivation. You will find once you really help someone, that you are filled with a deeper sense of joy. I think you should be happy and I think you should make others happy and I think that will make you happiest of all.

In terms of “entertainment,” anything you find educational or inspirational you can use your judgment on.

YOU decide what is entertainment for you.

I still check in regularly on social media because it fires me up and allows me to evaluate current social media.

I don’t watch TV shows or sports games — but for a young athlete, watching sports games is probably key! Though I’d watch them back later, use slow motion to break down what occurred on great plays — and I’d also want a young athlete to experience the passion in sports bars or live at games!!!

“Entertainment” in this sense is whatever isn’t getting you closer to your goals, that you use to shut off your own creative mind.

And your diet is YOUR diet. A cheat meal is whatever YOU decide it is.

If ice cream is part of your diet, then you can have it Monday through Friday.

For me, I didn’t have a single dessert/pizza/junk food even once in 2021. This successfully got me over the cravings BUT my secret weapon was FRUIT.

So I traded junk for fruit.

Good deal.

I ate protein, fruit, and vegetables without restriction, and I never broke a single time this year.

Now I no longer crave junk food and couldn’t imagine putting it into my body just as I now can’t fathom watching a TV show even though I used to be mildly addicted to a nightly Netflix show.

I’m after an uncommon level of MAKING THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE.

I have fully come to grips with the fact that I may have to live an uncommon life in order to make common lives better, if that makes sense.

My Survival Bar is only 5 months out. Once it’s live, I’ll be flying in after natural disasters and taking my higher-calorie, nutrient-packed bar to people who are suffering.

In this chat I feel like I’m surrounded by the kinds of people who feel for those who are suffering and who want to do something about it. The ones who hold up the world and make it a place where good people can go on enjoying life.

So I’ll probably do another 365 with no cheats and no entertainment because it worked so well for me this year.

But at the very least I’ll do Monday through Friday.

It all depends on what Onyx’s interests are and what he wants from me BUT I’ll hold my ground and he will know that Daddy doesn’t eat junk or zone out Monday through Friday. He’ll be more active. He’ll be more in nature. He’ll be stronger inside and out. He’ll be more creative. He’ll be happier. He’ll be more ALIVE. He’ll be in a better position to help others feel the same as he gets older. HE will decide whether he is okay with 104 normal days a year, or whether he wants to mathematically get an advantage. My job is to set the example. And if I can still outrun him, dunk, etc., he’ll probably think I’m a lot cooler and I’ll have a much better shot.

I’m gonna be dunking.

OK. That just turned into an article.

The point is that success may take a little luck for some of us. But at ATG we follow Emerson’s definition that luck is merely tenacity of purpose. The ATG 2022 Challenge is intended to give you an advantage to be luckier.

Normal isn’t cutting it. And you’ve still got 104 days in 2022 to be normal.

What do you want to be luckier about in 2022? And what is the new level of tenacity that’s going to improve your chances?

Love you all. 👊❤️

Yours in Solutions,


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