The Luck Checklist

5 min readJan 30, 2022


“Good luck is another name for tenacity of purpose.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

  1. What do you want to get luckier about? This has to be MEASURABLE.
  2. WHY?
  3. What entertainment isn’t getting you closer to your goal in #1?
  4. What technology do you need to focus on more?
  5. What foods aren’t getting you closer to your goal?
  6. What foods do you need to focus on more?
  7. What is your sled?

Let’s break this down.

I’ll give my own answers to each question…

1. What do you want to get luckier about? This has to be MEASURABLE.

My example: I want to double my social media following this year.

2. WHY?

This is the reason you will be driven for #1.

My example: I’ve identified that my life’s purpose is to handle this modern textbook problem: It takes 20–30 years for the most up-to-date truths and applications to then be accepted and taught.

When I made my Kneesovertoesguy Instagram page 3 years ago, it was because I’d decided to personally take responsibility for making the most up-to-date truths and applications for the knees and other problematic areas well known to the degree they would be if the education system hadn’t run into this outdated textbook conundrum.

It’s no one’s fault. Textbooks were a massive step forward from ignorance. But they fall short in modern day because innovators and problem-solvers are always going to be ahead of what can then be integrated into a textbook system. So with textbooks you have a very effective means of learning history but not reality. Not to mention, they are very costly and we now don’t need to use all that paper to store data.

My silly “Kneevertoesguy” concept has succeeded in making millions of people aware of the most up-to-date information and applications which were otherwise obscure and by actual survey known by less than 1%. If I can focus in even harder on my craft while doubling my social media followers, we may effectively have solved the textbook problem in my field. Then educators and the common people all win, since the future educators will be aware of what studies to work on going forward.

3. What entertainment isn’t getting you closer to your goal in #1?

My example: I like classic TV shows like Seinfeld. Last year (2021) I cut out all TV shows. I actually removed the TV from my house. I’m sure Larry David will do just fine.

I also like Netflix shows. Man, are they bingeworthy. I got rid of my Netflix subscription and all other show subscriptions. I’m sure their ratings did just fine.

I love sports! But without TV or any means of watching on my phone, I didn’t watch any. I stayed on my own grind and didn’t watch any sports games in person, either. In my teens, I had typical video game and porn addictions, but I was lucky enough to give those up over a decade ago without relapse.


Exactly: I freed up more time and MENTAL ENERGY for my goals than anyone else competing for space, so I factually gave myself an advantage to reach my goal. There were only a few other fitness channels that grew more than mine since I took up #3, but thanks to #3, I relentlessly study them and learn from what they did better than I did! You’ll be happy to know, they all spread positive vibes and HELP. So if you’re upset at attention to negativity, just know the most positive pages actually WON in 2021.

2 important notes:

  1. While I’m on day 395 with no mindless entertainment, I think merely giving up your counterproductive entertainment sources Monday through Friday would still give you an advantage to reach your goals. That still leaves 104 days a year to be normal!
  2. Read #4…

4. What technology do you need to focus on more?

Entertainment and TECHNOLOGY are two different things! And they will be different for different people!

The world is moving in the tech direction. So to maximize the chances of reaching your goal, you’ll need to study some aspect of technology MORE.

My example: For me, it was studying the social media channels succeeding in getting their message out while maintaining a POSITIVE attitude only. Without studying them, I wouldn’t have succeeded as much in helping people!

5. What foods aren’t getting you closer to your goal?

I love pizza, cookies, ice cream… I can recall getting to the end of long, hard-working weeks in which I did NOT get closer to my true goals in life, but being able to experience temporary happiness from foods which do NOT help my body. This is counterproductive both mentally and physically.

My example: By removing all “cheat” foods from my diet in 2021, I was able to honestly assess my happiness and make tremendous strides toward a life well-lived. I now have a deeper sense of happiness which NO OUTSIDE INFLUENCE CAN TAKE AWAY FROM ME.

Important reminder:

You still have 104 days a year to eat crap!

But I’m sure glad I never did, particularly through a time when a strong immune system is so valuable.

6. What foods do you need to focus on more?

If you’re going to remove foods, you might need to put something there to replace them! This was crucial for me.

I eat fruit for dessert every night and that keeps me from having cravings. I am on day 395 of not eating any man-made junk, and I’m so glad I made that decision for myself and for my family.

7. What is your sled?

Sled is fundamentally safer than lifting weights. So it’s not that lifting is bad. It’s that sled allows you to get strength and cardio and MORE HORMONE RELEASE than any exercise relative to workout safety.

This MATTERS because when you do a proper ATG sled session, you don’t want to cheat on your diet! You don’t want external entertainment! You feel GOOD, NATURALLY.

I hope this article improves your luck in 2022.

I was unlucky. Now I’m not. Like most things I used to suck at, eventually I had to stop making excuses, get it down to a measurable formula, and then do the work!

It’s amazing what you can achieve with the right plan.

Your potential is MASSIVE.

Yours in Solutions,


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