The Truth About Knees Over Toes

10 min readOct 15, 2020

1. Your knees go over your toes in sports and in life.

When you go down stairs…

When you jump…

And when you bend your knees all the way down…

2. But the majority of the world has been scared away from strengthening this quality in exercise, because a 1978 Duke University study determined that there is more pressure on your knees when they go over your toes.


3. The result = knee surgeries and knee replacements going up 10X per capita since then, and now determined to be at epidemic levels, with 790,000 knee replacements last year in the United States alone, costing patients and taxpayers over $40 billion, and still with lower quality of life after surgery.

4. I was a product of this system, with 3 surgical alterations to my left knee by age 18, and more diagnosed but not-operated-on torn ligaments in my right knee. But I did not give up, and I followed clues left by evidence. Contrary to popular belief, evidence ONLY exists showing that the more ABILITY you have with your knees over your toes, the less chance you have of knee pain and surgery:

  • Better performance in a step DOWN test as a predictor after ACL surgery!

Kline PW, Johnson DL, Ireland ML, Noehren B. Clinical Predictors of Knee Mechanics at Return to Sport after ACL Reconstruction. Med Sci Sports Exerc. 2016 May;48(5):790–5. doi: 10.1249/MSS.0000000000000856. PMID: 26694845; PMCID: PMC5189680.

So the better you can step down with your knee over your toe, the more protected your ACL — YET NO STUDY HAS BEEN DONE ON LONG-TERM EFFECTS OF ADDRESSING THIS AS AN EXERCISE.

See, I’m not a rebel. In fact, I’ve polished the exercise solutions that evidence indicates we need, and I’ve coached thousands of people through every solution to the point that each tool is scalable to any level, with predictive heights and weights (or lack thereof) depending on your goals.

Knee Ability Zero can put you in the upper 10% of knee ability without any weights or equipment.

Knee Ability Standards put you in the upper 1%.

And for those in extreme sports or with world-record-type goals, the World-Class Numbers put you in the upper 1% OF THE 1%, by actual findings.

With these thousands of cases, videos were recorded and the form was coached after every session. This is my only source of income and what I do 7 days a week.

This has resulted in over 1600 unasked-for knee success stories in less than 2 years. That’s the most on earth in that time, and that does NOT include the thousands more from the 500+ coaches who have done my service themselves and have reported win after win after win with their own clients.

At the end of the day, I have the cheapest system on earth to actually have your exercise form coached after every session.

  • Less ankle mobility associated with knee disorders!

Rabin A, Portnoy S, Kozol Z. The Association of Ankle Dorsiflexion Range of Motion With Hip and Knee Kinematics During the Lateral Step-down Test. J Orthop Sports Phys Ther. 2016 Nov;46(11):1002–1009. doi: 10.2519/jospt.2016.6621. Epub 2016 Sep 29. PMID: 27686412.

And so my system is NOT just knees. It is actually 20 movements for your entire body to rebuild FROM THE GROUND UP according to physics so that your ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, and elbows can be measurably aligned in strength:

  • from joint to joint
  • from one side of the body to the other and
  • from one side of the joint to the opposite side of that joint!

With each exercise and each session, you are not just training: you are learning about your own body’s unique strength and weaknesses, and to date I have never seen a mysterious case of pain, and NEVER seen something we could not do something about.

Everyone has a different body and different potentials. But based on biology, all our bodies have the capability to adapt to demands we put on the body; and by putting the correct demands, according to gravity and at the level you can do with ZERO pain, we can all create a body scientifically less likely to be in pain and more likely to express our true athletic potential.

I ONLY set out to figure out how to bulletproof my knees so I could play basketball without pain. I had quit playing for years, was icing my knees 4 times a day, and was hooked on painkillers. I was deeply depressed and I knew that if I could only play the game I loved without pain, I would be happier.

I can tell you that every day now is better than any day was before.

I NEVER thought I would go from my lifetime-best 19 inch vertical, to now over 40 inches, and I have now been sought out by and have busted plateaus for many of the world’s highest jumpers, along with famous NBA, NFL, and MLB athletes — among many other sports.

But my passion is NOT performance enhancement.

My passion is simple: doing what you love without pain.

The ability to dunk a basketball hit me in the face without me even realizing I could do it or directly working towards it. I was back playing pain-free, living a dream, when teammates told me I could dunk, based on how athletic I was. I LAUGHED and said “NO WAY!”

Within a few practices, I was dunking cleanly. I had to bring my dad to the court just so he could see it. He spent about $10,000 (over many years of trying) on jump programs and jump trainers, but “nothing worked” because my knees always hurt, resulting in another $10,000 on the surgical alterations.

To this day, there is no material possession I would trade for the gift of my dad finally seeing me dunk.

What’s really wild is that I have only continued to reach further and further levels I never even dreamed were possible for my genetics.

But I NEVER stray from the math that saved me, and I never let myself be enticed back into fancier methods.

If I didn’t use modern plyometrics, Olympic lifts, squats, and deadlifts, to go from 19 to 42 inch vertical, why would I change now when I only keep feeling better and getting more explosive at the same time?

There IS one very key ingredient I discovered on the jumping itself. It is a subject in itself, and if you are in a jumping sport I give you this gift: click here to watch a video showing you EVERYTHING I wish coaches had taught me about jumping.

  • Examination of 164 research papers showed that PROGRESSION to full knee-bend does NOT contribute to increased chances of knee injury, and contrary to common belief: protects AGAINST injury!


And so my entire life has been devoted to the subject of how to help ANYONE travel this bridge from fragile to bulletproof.

“Bulletproof” is a theoretical term: WE ARE STILL HUMAN.

But “human” can be so much more than we have predicted to this point, because no studies have been done yet on the very Knee Ability solutions that have the most actual knee success stories on earth.

5. Lastly, I would argue that my work deserves to be considered research in itself, as I have:

  • Conducted Knee Ability on MORE SUBJECTS than any knee exercise study in history
  • Conducted Knee Ability for LONGER DURATION than any knee exercise study in history
  • Observed the mathematical relationship of increased pain-free ability to reduction of pain in sports and in life, with more PRECISION OF MEASUREMENT than any knee exercise study in history
  • COACHED THE FORM VIDEOS of all these success stories — something most studies do NOT do and do NOT take into account when determining results.

If I’ve done it with more people, for longer duration, with more precise measurement of form and ability, with video record of every case, and now more real-world lives CHANGED as a result, that deserves to count for something!

I dropped out of college despite it being fully paid-for by basketball scholarship, so that I could pursue the gift of knees over toes that had saved my career — BUT WHICH MY NEW COLLEGE STRENGTH COACHES WERE NOT GOING TO ALLOW ME TO DO, even though it’s what got me to that point! How ironic is that?

I immediately started training people from my garage, and never looked back. By the time I would have been graduating from college, I owned my own gym which was full of pro athletes and miraculous success stories. I had 14 cases alone of basketball players who finished high school with no recruitment — due primarily to knee pain/surgery — who then not only got to playing pain-free BUT GOT FULL-RIDE COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIPS.

I was even taking recruiting calls and sending e-mails on their behalf. And you know what? Those 14 careers made-possible mean more to me than my 1 that I gave up.

I even had a little run at playing professionally in Europe, but the truth is there was no way to devote myself fully to helping others while at the same time pursuing my own pro career.

So yes, I have a lot of experience, and my coaching mentors include the most Olympic-medal-producing strength coach of all time — but I don’t have an exercise science degree. And to be downright honest with you, I actually have absolutely no idea how to conduct a “study,” what makes something a “study,” or where I would even start in order to have my work considered a “study.”

But this is also why I have HELPED MORE PEOPLE than anyone doing studies. I do not have the time or motive to force my help on anyone.

I am here for those who need me.

I am affordable by ANYONE and that would have to change in order to spend the millions of dollars I observe are spent to do adequate studies.

And I work 7 days a week for my clients, constantly creating new materials and spending my days in the trenches, with no desire to change what got me here or to slow down innovation.

Those who devote their life to research will eventually test my solutions and math.

But the trenches are for me. I played against every NBA client one-on-one. I sprinted against every NFL client. I must continue putting my body on the line and I must continue having direct communication with my members so I know EXACTLY what solutions to be working on next for them.

For example: in the next 3 weeks alone I drop Knee Longevity Standards, u18 Knee Ability Standards, and Ankle Ability.

Quite frankly, I like CREATING and I’m going to keep doing it.

If you’ve read this far: 1. Thank you!
And 2. Hopefully you can see why I’m trying to re-educate the world on the TRUTH about knees over toes.

To illustrate just how easy it is to start, you need to know that you do not even have to put your knees over your toes in order to start putting money in the bank for your knees!

My gift to you: click here for Step 1 of Knee Ability Zero.

I am 100% okay with giving Step 1 away without form-coaching, but I cannot with good conscience teach any knees over toes exercises without having your form coached after each session. It is a new subject that has not been standardized anywhere else and, left on your own, by actual survey males butcher the form 9 out of 10 times to a degree that the long-term results will not be achieved. On the flip side, we get your form perfect 100% OF THE TIME by continually coaching it week after week. It is worth mentioning that females have a much better chance of getting the form correct, but even females get better results by having the assurance they are progressing correctly. is my only source of income. It includes everything I know about exercise from Day 1, with nothing held back. You can read all my articles, learn all my programs, and do any program at any time through a user-friendly app, with your own form coached after every session, always under 24 hours and always with any personal questions answered, too! We have a simple business model and as we grow, I hire ATG members whose lives have been changed and thus want to work with me as their dream job. Everyone on the team is passionate about helping others at the lowest price possible, and almost all of us work 7 days a week, even holidays.

We even introduced a new policy of allowing just $30 for the first month, and NOT having a long-term contract. $30 is the lowest amount I can charge, while still paying my staff to operate. $30 for one month is my way of saying, “I’d rather help you without making a dime myself, than not have you educated on tools you can use to help yourself and others for the rest of your life.”

And so I must give endless thanks to my die-hard members who pay $49.50/month, because it is a simple economic fact that 1600+ knee success stories would not exist without you supporting me.

Yours in Truth,

PS. I do my best to answer Instagram DMs under 24 hours if you still have any questions for me!