Want to try my diet?

Protein. Fruit. Avocado.

Each has plenty of “calories.”

We need calories to survive.

Each is also full of nutrients that we need to survive.

So this is not a “how-to-lose-the-most-weight-in-4-weeks-after-10-years-of-junk” diet.

This is a: “it’s-November-27-and-I-have-not-had-a-single-cheat-meal-in-2021-nor-do-I-have-the-urge-anymore” diet.

And I have tremendous energy for my workouts.

If you spend all day trying to avoid calories, you have more cravings by the end of that day and you are more likely to eat JUNK.

I’m just trying to get back to unadulterated foods from nature 100% of the time because no one will ever convince me that ice cream and doughnuts and pizza are better for my immune system than salmon and blueberries and avocado.

I haven’t been sick in years and I’m grateful for that. I don’t personally know anyone who hasn’t been sick for as long as I have, but I also don’t personally know anyone who has stuck to the foods provided by Mother Nature like I have.

I’m a common sense person.

So I also eat veggies if I want them. But if I tried to live off cucumbers and celery and “VitaminWater Zero” (no offense), my body would DIE. It’s not enough to sustain life.

So to me, something seems wrong with the equation of thinking the “best” foods for us are ones that cannot sustain a high quality life.

Or that the “best” snacks for us are processed “low-calorie” ones.

When you avoid calories from real foods you increase your cravings for calories from junk foods later on.

For every diet coach I see trying to get people to buy into a low calorie approach, I talk to REAL PEOPLE who THOUGHT they were winning with that approach, only NOW they eat junk regularly and are depressed about their weight because they’re doing worse than than they were before their temporary high when low-calorie was winning for them. They actually have taken a MENTAL loss and insult themselves for not sticking to the low-calorie diet.

I feel absolutely terrible for these people and I tell them to start eating fruit, ribeye steaks, avocado.

“What? You mean like ANY fruit?”

They are STUNNED to find out I eat fruit every day.

“I thought too much fruit is bad?”

Maybe it is, but these people are eating CHOCOLATE CAKE ON A WEDNESDAY AND IT’S NOT THEIR BIRTHDAY!

And what’s really sad is that this NORMAL. I’m telling you: People are miseducated about calories and the education we all had on calories did more HARM than good.

Go start having real conversations with people struggling. You will find the same. They have given up mentally because of this miseducation. They think they shouldn’t eat the very foods they should eat if they want a better chance of long-term health.

Every one of us is capable of having the mental discipline to stick with low calories the rest of our lives.

But it fails terribly for most people.

Ultimately, the success of a diet is the LONG-term result of the diet. Not the theoretical result of the diet.

I cannot feel good about advising someone to do a diet that will cause them mental anguish to stick with.

If you find a diet that allows you to HAPPILY eat foods from nature, you are winning.

So start LOOKING for calories… the most nutritious one-ingredient calories you can find.

YOUR interpretation of that advice is more important for you than my interpretation.

My interpretation is meat-fruit-avo.

You get that?

I’m NOT telling you what to eat.

YOUR interpretation matters more for your diet success than mine does.

I am only telling you that your body needs calories and nutrients to survive and that the cheapest, fastest, most addicting, easiest-to-slurp-down calories tend to be the man-made garbage, so your mathematical odds of eating crap are higher if you try to avoid calories, even though you DO possess the ability to control yourself if you are so inclined to eat a diet that still leaves you craving.

Yours in Truth,


Starting picturebook program: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09KNGDYGL

My full program: https://atgonlinecoaching.com

The equipment I use: https://kneesovertoesguy.medium.com/equipment-by-program-5a50fc84f9ac

Thank you for reading!





Starting Picture-book: zerobook.co Full Body Programs with Form Coaching: atgonlinecoaching.com

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Starting Picture-book: zerobook.co Full Body Programs with Form Coaching: atgonlinecoaching.com