How I Met & Surpassed My Career Goals While Following One Actionable Rule


I made the name “Kneesovertoesguy” when I realized I would be happy with my career if the only thing I did was educate people on the truth regarding the myth of “no knees over toes.”

Lack of understanding of this topic took away my joy in life (basketball) and cost my family $10,000 in surgical alterations and another $10,000 in treatments.

Understanding this subject gave me back my joy, got me college scholarships, fulfilled my lifelong dream of dunking, and heck: now I pay my mom’s salary, which is perhaps my favorite achievement on the business side of things. [And she still runs my customer service 7 days a week including holidays, which may explain more as you keep reading. LOL!]

This single topic was the make-break point of my life, so you can see why I am passionate about it.

I believe our ultimate purpose is helping others. Therefore, if we are driven by personal wants, we risk running out of steam. You can have whatever personal goals you want, but with this article I am laying down exactly how I met and surpassed my own goals, and that starts and ends with DUTY TO HELP OTHERS.

DUTY is why I am just as passionate and dedicated today as I was 3 years ago when my goals seemed like distant and impossible dreams.

Here are two career goals I set for myself:

1000 knee success stories for others would have meant a life well-lived for me.

100,000 Instagram followers would have meant reaching a lot of people with the truth.

Prior to my knees over toes journey, I was very used to coming up SHORT on the goals I set for myself.

My knees and jumping were the first subjects where I actually surpassed the goals I even believed possible for myself, and I think that gave me the confidence to go for my career goals, too…

I turned 30 last week and I have helped people to 2078 knee success stories. I have 500,000+ Instagram followers and 300,000+ YouTube subscribers. I have also trained some of the most famous NBA/NFL/MLB athletes in the world. THESE ARE ALL THINGS THAT WOULD NOT HAVE FELT REAL 3 YEARS AGO.

In knees, jumping, and career, I have now surpassed what I truthfully hoped possible in my lifetime.

And I don’t believe in luck…

The Rule I Followed

If you are succeeding in life, I do not recommend changing anything.

But I was not succeeding and I DID follow one unusual rule on two occasions:

  1. 3 years ago when I made my breakthrough with “Kneesovertoesguy.”

2. This year, 2021, when my social media, business, and knee success stories all exploded, when I did live podcast and videos with the legend Mark Bell [as well as podcasts with many more of my fitness idols, THANK YOU!], when Joe Rogan mentioned on his podcast how he got results on my program, and when just this week I’m getting to create workouts for my members with a hero of mine, Marcus Filly.


That’s my dog’s name.

He chewed up my TV remote 3 years ago and I took that as a sign.

From that day forward I went an entire year without entertainment:


No Netflix

No movies

No video games

Not even any sports games!

[And DEFINITELY no porn but I am married, and I am NOT judging single guys. This is a very tough subject for some people and I completely understand that.]

I exclusively used technology to further my knees over toes research and educate on the truth about knees over toes.

What a year I had!

I made so many training breakthroughs in 2018 it is NUTS. By the end of that year, I knew my future was different. I knew I had cracked the codes of ankles, shins, knees… all the things that had taken away my joy in life.

In 2019 and 2020 I still worked 7 days a week but I went back to a more “normal” life.

Things went well.

But 2021 rolled around and I knew I was being soft.

Now look, I have a 9-month old baby. So he was 3-months old at the time I decided to do another No Entertainment Year. This means I’m not missing out on any nostalgic things with him. I can and will enjoy movies, shows, sports, etc. with him as he grows up.

I think of both 2018 and 2021 as springboard years for myself that altered the rest of my lifetime. I may never do another No Entertainment Year again, unless Onyx originates it at some point. I would join him but NEVER push him on it.

Now to start this year, 2021, I had almost 200,000 Instagram followers but only 4000 YouTube subscribers. Up until this year I had only focused on Instagram, and I realized I was missing out on educating people who used YouTube.

I knew that adding more to my already “full” plate simply meant I had to level up how much actual energy I was putting on my goals. And there you have the basis of this article…

I believe you get what you put your energy on.

So every single SECOND spent on something that is NOT my goal, is a second spent telling the universe:


Sure, it’s normal to watch a show. It’s normal to watch a playoff game. It’s normal to watch a movie.


And again let me stress that if you are succeeding, I am NOT advising you to change anything.

I just personally never felt like one of those people that “lucky” things happen to.

But my GOSH have I gotten lucky when I TRULY put my energy on what I want.

Perhaps I would have met and surpassed my goals even if I never did these No Entertainment Years. We will never know. It’s too late to find out. I DID do them.

So yea, I buckled down again, and as of June 29, 2021 I have gone these 180 days of 2021 without any entertainment.

This time around I even added NO CHEAT MEALS. I haven’t had sugar, bread, or even any potatoes or corn in 2021. Remember again that Onyx isn’t eating any cheat meals either this year. I can’t wait to enjoy ice cream and other things with him when he gets older. In fact, whenever he is ready to see a movie, or have his first ice cream cone, is when I’ll break my streak.

Also, I don’t believe those things have to harm you, but I knew starting 2021 that sticking with just protein, fruit, and veggies for the entire year would level up my focus since I would not be able to resort to the comfort foods I love as a means of gratification.


2018 was the breakthrough year of my career. 2021 was the luckiest year of my career.

In both cases I literally spent all healthily available energy on my goals — meaning I didn’t deprive myself of food, sleep, family, etc.

In fact, my No Entertainment 2021 is allowing me to be the dad I know I can be, because I spend all available time on Dadding + ATG!

That’s what I want.

What do you want?

I believe you can get it.

I truly believe you are more powerful than you know.

Take it from a small-town guy with bad luck and shit knees.

Yours in Truth,


PS. Special thanks to my mom for being the hardest-working and most duty-driven person I’ve ever met. Special thanks to my dad for being there for me when I don’t understand life — you always give me the right advice to keep me going. Special thanks to my wife, Alissa, who is COO of ATG and handles the red tape that comes with running a business, so that I’ve been able to keep focused on the creation of it. And special thanks to the ATG staff for sharing in this DUTY — you are the most dedicated and supportive group I have ever been a part of. Lastly, special thanks to Keegan Smith for training ATG Coaches around the world who share in this mission with ATG.

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