The 10 ATG Principles

  1. 10 minutes of ROKP. Even in Dense when we add sled, YOUR FEET measurably determine (as shown in the video) if you are building from the ground up or not.
  1. We spend 12 weeks per year training it only on the way down, fighting slowly. In beginner Dense it looks like this. In Rocket (advanced) Dense it looks like this (using additional load to challenge).
  2. Then in Standards we spend 12 weeks exploding up with measurable form. And once we can explode up from a flat bench, we then DROP ourselves and catch! In fact, the faster you drop, the tougher it is to catch yourself without touching the bench. You can see this exact progression from long duration to short duration here.
  3. Then in our optional athleticism program, Bulletproof, we…
  1. Avoiding altogether the motion that hurts.
  2. Pushing through the hurt and trying to use all sorts of ways of masking the pain (the very pain that your body is trying to help you with by telling you about).




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